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It’s Who We Are

We are committed to the highest standards of quality and service. To achieve our long-term vision, Nikanti Golf Club supports a culture that allows for creative thinking in a team-oriented environment.

Rooted in our culture are our six core values:

1. Customer Service

Service is our passion– our aim is to consistently deliver high quality service that surpasses all expectations.

2. Staff Development

To inspire–Nikanti creates a platform for continuous development and growth enabling you to reach your professional and personal goals.

3. Integrity

Perform with honor – honesty and sincerity at all times.

4. Supplier & Partnership

Mutually rewarding –building sustain able long-term relationships with true partnerships.

5. Corporate Social responsibility

Building the community– ongoing recognition of our responsibility to customer, staff, communities, and the environment.

6. Technology

Utilize technology to improve the customer experience and improve the business while maintaining the tradition of golf.

Nikanti Golf Club encourages diversity in the workplace. We appreciate that each employee is an individual, as well as a reflection of the residents of the communities we serve and the world in which we live, making for a broader, richer work environment. The Company is committed to supporting our employees in recognizing and learning what distinguishes one from another in order to share and gain respect for each others’, and our customers’, similarities and differences.

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